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When you take on CSM as your partner, you benefit from a company that stands by its commitment to quality, on-time delivery and assistance when you need it, with one goal in mind: keep production up and running How we react to an emergency is one of the key things that sets CSM apart from the rest. Should one of our systems require emergency repair, you can depend on our engineering staff to provide 24-hour phone and field support and whatever troubleshooting and repairs are required. If necessary, emergency retrofits can be done to bring units back into compliance.

However, some emergencies require going not one extra mile, but many extra miles - literally. Here's an example: A unit CSM was commissioning for a major foam manufacturer in South Wales experienced a major component failure. A CSM project engineer flew immediately to the plant, only to be told that the part, available in Brussels, couldn't be delivered until the following Monday. With the customer facing a significant loss in production, our project engineer drove to the English Channel, crossed over, then drove all the way to Brussels. There, he picked up the part and traveled back to South Wales. The part was actually installed that Monday, the startup was flawless, and at least one week in production time was saved.

Whatever the emergency, there is nothing more important than our customers' peace of mind. That's what sets CSM apart from all the rest.



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