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Catalytic Oxidizers

CSM's catalytic oxidizer (CatOx) performance-guaranteed systems use precious metal catalysts to achieve low-temperature oxidation of VOCs and CO from gaseous waste systems. Up to 99% of VOCs and CO will be destroyed by conversion to harmless carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor.

Applications of our catalytic oxidizers span all industries using organic solvents, including chemical, printing, lamination, and tape manufacture, and coating operations of all kinds. Solvents that can be easily handled include a wide range of alcohols, ketones, aldehydes. aromatics, and hydrocarbons, both saturated and unsaturated.

Our CatOx systems process 200 to 100,000 SCFM of VOC- or CO-laden gas using the following key components:

  • A process air blower/motor with an automatic flow control system to push the VOC-laden gaseous stream through the CSM CATOX system.
  • A custom, packaged burner system with natural gas as fuel and combustion air, which achieves a very low NOx emission rate from the system.
  • A catalyst typically operating at 550 °F to treat the VOC-laden process exhaust system and achieve the required destruction efficiency, including 99% of the non-methane hydrocarbon compounds, which are converted to harmless CO2 and water vapor.


CSM Worldwide




Skid Mount/Package Systems

Our compact skid-mounted CatOx systems, ranging from 200 to 30,000 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM), have become the solution of choice as emission abatement systems for a number of small- to mid-scale applications in commercial bakeries, chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and printing companies, among others. For more than 25 years, these manufacturers have appreciated the low operating costs associated with our skid-mount/package CatOx systems. But they really value our systems' ability to destroy a wide range of VOCs, particularly in coating operations involving the use of organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, cyclo-hexane and methylene chloride.

Field-erected Systems

Chemical plants have been a major market for our large-scale CatOx systems for more than 30 years. They process 30,000 to 100,000 SCFM of VOC- or CO-laden gas at more than 50 world-class plants around the world. Our TORVEX® and LoTemp™ catalysts provide low-temperature VOC and CO oxidation to remove up to 99% in a wide range of chemical processing plants for:

  • Phthalic anhydride (PA)
  • Maleic anhydride (MA)
  • Pure terephthalic acid (PTA)
  • Polyethylene terephthalic acid (PET)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phenol
  • Polymers: polyethylene, polypropylene
  • Polystyrene formaldehyde resins





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