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Auxiliary Equipment

Depending on the specific requirements of an air pollution control application, CSM may recommend additional front-end or back-end attachments to ensure that your solution is complete as well as cost-effective. These include:

Front End

  • Filters and baghouse for high-particulate applications.
  • Steam pre-heaters, for cooler applications where condensation may be a problem.
  • Water seals, for protection against potentially damaging heavy process pressure.
  • Flame arresters, for preventing fire from processes from traveling and damaging upstream or downstream equipment, as necessary.
  • Concentrators - the best, most cost-effective solutions for applications involving large-volume air streams with relatively low solvent concentrations. Our concentrators combine two different but effective processes - carbon or hydrophobic zeolite adsorption and thermal oxidation - to concentrate low VOC emissions into smaller air streams that can be treated more economically than one large stream by thermal oxidation alone.
  • Process dampers for isolation, bypass and purge.
  • Utility tanks and control instruments.

Back End

  • Scrubbers, for halogenated hydrocarbons and for ensuring that anything not completely destroyed in the oxidizer is eliminated.










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